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Wedding table – Decorate it with some creative design!

Today we will center our attention on the decorative aspects that are related with the table setting. Wedding tables are usually filled with flower arrangements and candles, maybe mixed with seasonal fruits; but we should not forget that also non floral elements can provide great shape, texture, and color to the table. That’s why the idea of using something that will last also after the wedding can be a good solution to complement your flower arrangement decoration, have a creative approach, and to re-use cool items on a different occasion!

Courtesy of image: Ants events

You should create a personalized look, use different shapes, designs and objects. Vary the selection – give a visual rhythm to your space.

Remember that the most important function of the arrangement is to complement the décor of your celebration. Be sure that everyone can make eye contact, engage in conversation across the table, and easily connect. A centerpiece evokes a focal point – and the idea is always to make it special and different. Here are just some ideas.

1. Use elegant items with different shapes styles like stunning vases, glass cylinders, handmade glasses, vases or urns from the families’ collections, mismatched vintage coffee pots, ice buckets, and other serving pieces that you can find on flea markets.

Courtesy of image: rent my dust

Courtesy of image: Rustic Wedding Chic

Courtesy of image: Maddie Richardson

2. Use precious details like: silver trays, jeweled containers, corals or rare stones/shells, crystal holders, beautiful decanters or seltzers, vintage small mirrors maybe to be placed under the candle holder to play with light reflections..

Courtesy of image: Cloth and patina

Courtesy of image: soussa

Courtesy of image:

3. Be creative and use things that will add YOUR unique touch – it is your wedding and should reflect your style as much as possible.

Courtesy of image: cloth and patina

Courtesy of image: Rustic Wedding chic

Courtesy of image: Mandie Best

4. If you are on budget there are simple solutions like cover inexpensive wood boxes with lace or other fabrics to coordinate with the tablecloth and your color scheme, recycle old stuff that your family owns, play with the texture, use candelabras, hanging lanterns, glass holders for floating candles.. and of course buy items that you will need after the reception!

Courtesy of image: thea

Courtesy of imafe:wedding chicks

Courtesy of image: eventus

5. A personal tip is to rely on what’s local if you are overseas, and to find a local artist/artisan that have particular items you love ( like beautiful vintage chairs or artwork) and that you will need on your new house.

Courtesy of image: rustic wedding chic

Your guests will spend most of the time at the dinner table – so make it interesting and creative is one of your musts.

Courtesy of image: Laurel White

Decorating the table will be so much fun with some unusual design – inform your florist so he can study the best way to valorize it.

Courtesy of imafe: Nichole Finnis

Courtesy of image: la Rosa Canina Firenze

Courtesy of image: Style me pretty

You can find countless ways to use and re -use objects.

It’s symple, fun and gives you the opportunity to bring home tangible reminders of your beautiful wedding!

Courtesy of image: Katie Habenich


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Creative Chic Weddings engagement photo shoot session!

Today we are focusing our attention on a special photo shooting session published also on Utterly Engaged last July 17- where Eva, our Chic weddings co-founder – is the beautiful protagonist with her partner. 

New York is such a creative and stunning city that inspires many and can easily make true dreams that your mind is secretly hiding because they look too odd or difficult to be created. Walking along those streets and stores reminds us that everything it is possible – here the words elegance, creativity and style can have different meanings and can be placed into unusual contexts. Spread your creativity and follow the example of Eva! She dreamt about a special and unique engagement party – something that you’ve NEVER seen before, something that reflects her personal style, expression of what she really loves.

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Joy

Eva’s style is so exclusive and so, so innovative. She felt in love with a shop called Evolution – a wonderful place where you can find all the species of animals, colors and bones. She describes it as “a magical place, a cabinet of curiosities”. Get ready to fall into a real “WOW” factor with those photos!

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Joy

Courtesy of image:  Vanessa Joy

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Joy

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Joy

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Joy

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Joy

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Joy

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Joy

Amanda, of Flowerful Events, an amazing flower stylist, helped Eva to put into real it an unconventional and fabulous bouquet. Something unusual – I would describe it as a piece Cialis of art. The bouquet was incorporating: a turtle shell, a fake peacock bird, one small horn, a pelvis animal bone, colorful flowers  - and yes.. a piece of heart!

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Joy

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Joy

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Joy

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Joy

When posing for this photo shoot Eva was projecting into her mind the perfect design for hold a reception inside those walls – how impressive it would be? How creative and stunning the photos would appear with those colors, strange objects, the texture..For this occasion we chose our selection of clothes accordingly. I wanted something which could fit into the mood or give a “let’s go hunting” feeling. A sort of hunting feast, while tables had the colours of feathers, earth and where butterflies embraced our souls” – says Eva.

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Joy

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Joy

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Joy

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Joy

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Joy

I see in this “let’s go hunting feeling” the perfect synonymous for the natural and uncontrolled attraction the we feel for the love of our life. We go “hunting” every day with simple sights, smiles, kisses.. its the perfect metaphor of a spontaneous feeling of love research (great idea Eva!).

I hope that this potential engagement idea will inspire you and your partner!

Find your special and unusual space. Be alternative. Dare. Play with details. Shape your dreams with enthusiasm and compose something extraordinary. Inspire others on express their true self and passions.

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Joy

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Joy

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Kids at your wedding!

Having kids at your wedding? That’s awesome news! It might take some extra work on your planning phase but their presence will add a special touch of pureness, beauty and simplicity to your celebration.

Courtesy of image: belle magazine

Courtesy of image: Rebecca Rodriguez

Their happiness will be contagious – and with their cute outfits the photographer will have more fun pictures to add to your wedding photo album. Awake the kid that’s inside you and plan the perfect child friendly wedding! Here are some helpful tips:

Courtesy of image: Michelene Fisher

Courtesy of image: etsy

Involve them!

We love to see them involved as much as possible. During the ceremony they can be engaged as flower girl or page boy, bringing the rings or helping in distribute cones with rice and petals. Another very cute idea would be to have a poetry written and read by one of the kids during the ceremony or as one of the official speeches – this will surely make shine your eyes and your heart.

Courtesy of image: Barbara Robles

Courtesy of image: D cm

Create an “art and craft area”!

You should plan this artistic area with something that the kids have to craft for the bride and the groom. For example – if you are celebrating in Italy you should have someone teaching them how to create small pizzas with heart shape, your initials, something that you really love.. (you get the idea)!

Courtesy of image: Ashael Peay

Courtesy of image: something turquoise

Kids games area

A games area with age appropriate “activity bags” is also a good solution. This personalized goodie bag should include a juice box, fruit bar, snacks, mini puzzles, retro toys, bubbles, coloring book, word search, connect-the –dots, tic-tac-toe..

Courtesy of image: Julia Brecker

Courtesy Buy Cialis of image: Sarah  Keuken

Games or team competitions can also be organized. Remember that a baby sitting service it’s a good choice for having their parents more relaxed and involved with your wedding celebration.

Courtesy of image: Amber White

Courtesy of image: Sarah Laborde

Special food

Have tables or a kids area with activities/special food is a great solution to keep them entertained and make sure that they will enjoy! Why not -  think about having customized child friendly drinks like milk with cookies – they will love it ;)

Courtesy of image: babble

Courtesy of image: Shannon Stanley

If you have a kids table you should add coloring space mats and personalize them with the bride and the groom’s names, wedding date, a caricature of the couple, games..

Courtesy of image: Alicia Parker

Courtesy of image: Bloomed to last

Courtesy of image: Dana Elizabeth


Hire a professional entertainer like a face painting artist, a magician, a balloon artist, have a dance show… this will be surely a great choice that can also entertain adults!

Courtesy of image: google

Photos/photo booth area

Kids are perfect for cute photos and they add additional sparkles of happiness. Having a photo booth corner it is also an easy way to capture memories while keep kids happy. Stock it with heaps of props, cute signs, hats, dress up items, mustache sticks..! You can also engage them as “offical” mine photographers with just some creative guidelines..

Courtesy of image: Alejandra Murillo

Courtesy of image: Josey Perea

Kids are simple and see the world with a pure sight.

Courtesy of image: Bill

Having them at your reception will remind you that “the more the hearth is able to get close to simplicity, the more is capable of loving freely and deeply”.


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Save your wedding from the rain!

It will be a rainy day. This is the final response that you were trying to avoid with all your positive thoughts. Thinking optimistic its not enough. When hosting an outdoor event you always need a Plan B, a second map of your event in case of unpleasant meteorological conditions. Taking the right precautions in case of rain is the smartest route you’ll ever take. Brief in and start thinking on the positive things that are related with the rain. You must turn this “adverse” condition it into an advantage!

Courtesy of image: Colibri Indigo

Focus on the positive meaning of the rain

The rain is symbolically described as the nourishment for the earth, is known as the water of life. Has means like cleansing, renewal and vital energy of the soul. We rarely think about those good characteristics when we wake up and the sky is dark. This can help you in getting into the appropriate mood for create solutions that will make you wedding fabulous.

Courtesy of image: diutang

Check your indoor spaces

Double check the suitability of your indoor spaces for dinner, dancing, cocktail, ceremony.. if you have the smallest doubt you should hire a tent or big outdoor umbrellas – this will save you from a big stress.

Embrace the rain

Think bright umbrellas for you, your wedding party and guests, adorable booties for your attendants (and a pair of white ones for you) and other stormy weather preparations that make light of the dark weather ahead.

Courtesy of image: Karrie Percy

Courtesy of image: Holly Rawls

Courtesy of image: weddingwire

Get into creative photography and spontaneous poses!

Speaking of photography, if it’s raining, it is easier for Buy Tramadol the photographer to take creative shots, like capturing reflections or raindrops, and incorporate them in the wedding photos.  Plus, an overcast day offers some of the best lighting for picture taking. Without the harsh light of a sunny day, the softer, more diffused light will make all your photos better.

For creative photographs use water surfaces and lighting effects, add colorful umbrellas/galoshes as props, consider making cute signs to hold up during your photography session, and have lots spontaneous moments!!

Courtesy of image: Julie Taylor

Courtesy of image: Jason Webster Photography

Courtesy of image: Alana Bombino

Entertainment ideas!

Book out a street art show or a theatrical show/dance to be performed under the rain to set off emotions on a key moment! My personal advice if you are not too afraid of getting wet is to dance too under the rain, or, if you are having a beach wedding – invite all guests to bring a swimwear so you can all jump on the sea and enjoy the rain. It feels amazing.

Courtesy of image: beauty on earth

Courtesy of image: Glenna Howell

Courtesy of image: bridalguide

Courtesy of image: Vera Shaskova

Collect the drops of rain!

Buy some cute jars with the name of your guests and tell them to collect some drops!

Courtesy of image: etsy

Wait for the rainbow..

And after all this rain always wait for the rainbow.. with its beauty and colors will make your day even more pretty.

Courtesy of image: Vera Machado

 .. “Life is not about waiting for the tempest to go away; but its about learning to dance under the rain” (Gandhi)

Courtesy of image: Ambica S

Courtesy of image: Brittany Muller

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A “magic dinner” idea..

Imagine wandering around an enchanted medieval picture, into the time of superstitions. Step back in epic battles, swept away to an age of bravery, and plunge yourself into the magic world of secret rituals. You are surrounded by magicians, fortune tellers that want to reveal you the secrets of your future, mentalists, alchemists that show how to convert metals into gold…

Courtesy of image: Alison Harville

I’ve asked to picture this because today we would like to suggest an event template, a “magic dinner” where superstition, entertainment and mystery will be protagonists. Here the highlights.

Courtesy of image: Helen Hunter

The location

First, you need to decide where to organize the dinner. The location can vary from an old castle, vintage or haunted house, a deconsecrated church, a circus tent, an old arena or theatre, a hidden historical square of a medieval village… Anything that will create a sort of mystery, that can set off curiosity and make you feel like experiencing ancient times! ( My personal advice its also to choose a venue that allows open flames).

Courtesy of image: Sami Salvall


The waiters will be dressed up as medieval gentlemen/dames, and the performers will wear clothes that will match with the theme and the colors decided for the dinner.

Courtesy of image: ines sophia costa

The idea here is to involve 100% the guests by asking them to dress up too. A suggestion would be to choose costumes inspired on Tarot cards. There are many original to choose: the magician, the high priestess, the empress, the emperor, the hierophant, the lovers, the chariot, strength, the hermit, wheel of fortune, justice, the hanged man, death, temperance, the devil, the tower, the moon, the sun, judgment, the world, the fool. Important: no one can dress up as “the fool” ( I will explain why after!).

Courtesy of image: here be witches

Courtesy of image: Piccoli pezzi


We will delight the guests with a pre-dinner cocktail party hosted into an open space with a chic lounge area, some live music and entertainment. To add a sort of secrecy and curiosity - the main location will be closed to the guest’s access until the dinner will be ready. Dressed up waiters will serve canapés and a welcome drink called “elixir of long life”…. just for getting into the mood! The customized cocktail will be served by a scary witch that will serve the secret elixir ingredients from a supplements testosterone human growth hormone hgh big vintage pot. We will have wandering around some magicians, a mentalist and a fire eater/show entertaining the guests for about half an hour – 45 minutes.

Courtesy of image: Seattle Weddings

Courtesy of image: we heart it

Courtesy of image: Ophelius


To add a magic touch and some show – before opening the undisclosed dinner location we will have an extravagant medieval flag waving/throwing show that will set the ending of the cocktail and will open the doors to the main location.

Courtesy of image; zap travels

The atmosphere delivered in the venue will be with a medieval look, with drapes, carpets, big pots, flags, old chandeliers, a lot of candles, velvet cushions, mercury glasses, menu on parchment..The decoration colors can vary depending on your tonality preference. They should be dark tonalities like black, purple, blue ..

Courtesy of image: steph

We will evoke an authentic magic atmosphere also with foods ancient names, like “ dragon meat”- and “longevity water”, “bloody wine” and “spiritual digestive” as drinks.

Courtesy of image: steph

Entertainment during the dinner

The guests will have a sort of “mystery game” during their dinner. The aim is to mask off the “liar” – that in this case is The Fool – secretly played by one of the attendees. The game goal is to determine who among them is “The Fool”. It’s a turn-based game played in teams that work by releasing information over the course of the dinner. As the game progresses, each character learns something new about the plot and their involvement. Each turn players are prompted to ask specific questions, or perhaps read from a script. It is like a “murder mystery game” – but with the fool replacing the criminal.

Courtesy of image: sonia ana

After Dinner

Following the dinner a medieval dance show or an elegant sword flight will be performed for start off the post dinner dances. To add some extra activities a magic photo booth corner and a real fortune teller will entertain the guests.

Courtesy of image: naomi tiutiku

Add some wish dust jars as memorabilia and ask to your guests to use some when they really wish something.. will be a way to remember this magic night!

Courtesy of image: etimr

This is a cool way to celebrate a special occasion with a different atmosphere, to enjoy being a bit superstitious, to set your mind free into a enchanted world where anything can happen…

Courtesy of image: Ronen Goldman

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Unforgettable guestbooks

You are about to do a big step into a new life experience and what you need and want is to be surrounded by your family and the people that really mean something for you.

Courtesy of image: Tara Peterson

That’s why it is very important to have a guestbook idea. A memorabilia that collects meaningful messages, few significant and evocative words that will last forever and will help you feeling even more loved when thinking on your marriage.

Courtesy of image: Ameliste Italia

Courtesy of image: Caitlin Ayres

It’s a personal item that should be crafted as something that will not be forgotten in a corner after that the celebration will be over. Make it special with an unusual design, employ objects VolumePills that have importance for you, and why not, make it fun and creative.

Courtesy of image: Caitlyn Metel

Boost your imagination. Anything can be used as guestbook and maybe re-used after a while as piece of furniture in you new house. Fingerprints books, globes, boards, musical instruments, puzzles..

Courtesy of image: Courtney Carney Photography

Courtesy of image: weddbook

DIY Polaroid picture wedding guestbook

Courtesy of image: Kara Gerber

Courtesy of image: Lauren Weintraub

Courtesy of image: my lovely wedding blog

Courtesy of image: etsy

Trust me – you will need the support of those friends during this new chapter of your story – and  this simple guestbook will make you smile thousands of times.

Courtesy of imafe: Luciana Ognibene

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Extravagant wedding transports!!

Weddings are new journeys in which you dream to set your best memories and to have the best time. That’s why you have to start it properly – with a transport that will add a touch of style, fun or extravagancy to your ceremony.

Courtesy of image: Brian Yap

Courtesy of image: Caroline Bishop

Courtesy of image: Maya photographics

The entrance of the bride and the groom are the focal point where everything begins. Why do not surprise your guests – and your old grandma ;) – with some fun but stylish ideas??!

Courtesy of image: Gigmaster

Courtesy of image: 2stand up guys

Depending on where you will stage your reception and ceremony you can opt at various unconventional creative solutions to start well a life journey with your partner.

Courtesy of image: mira que chulo!

Get your creative travel juices flowing, and step into your dream day with one of those options!

1. Vintage transports like old trolleys, trains, vintage cars/vans, carts, old bikes are all perfect choices depending always on the style and the theme of your wedding.

Courtesy of image: My wedding concierge

Courtesy of image: Modern Wedding

Courtesy VigRX of image: Anne Barge

Courtesy of image: borne wedding services

2. Cute animals can be perfect if well trained and will add a touch of vividness to your fabulous entrance!

Courtesy of image: the bridal dish

Courtesy of image: Black sheep

Courtesy of image: Bailey Rann

3. Weddings are frequently organized during the summertime. If you have a beach wedding or a big water surface available ( and you don’t mind to risk to get a bit wet!) choose to have a surfboard, wakeboard, water ski, a boat, a stand up paddle board…

Courtesy of image: Waterway sup

Courtesy of image: Phil werking for you

Courtesy of image: Allison Eastlack

Courtesy of image: mira que chulo!

4. Be extravagant. You can opt for an helicopter, sleights, snowboard,  a cinderella horse-draw carriage, skates, an  hot air balloon,…

Courtesy of image: Julie Guest

Coutesy of image: Jud.

Courtesy of image: Elizabeth Wiesner

Courtesy of image: Meagan Broomhall

And if any of those transports won’t be good enough for satisfy your fantasy – ask to your partner to walk you into his arms.. Simple, costless and very romantic.

Courtesy of image: Roger Kirby

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Entertain your wedding with art!

Picture an open air atelier, with an elegant entertainment and atmosphere. A wedding that will be etched in the mind of every single guest.

Courtesy of image: Natalie Duhamel

Courtesy of image: Christine Hanley

Give a brushstroke of color and fun by entertain with odd activities, surprise with something unexpected or simply set off the best ideas to hit emotions and involve in unforgettable experiences! Your palette will have a choice of colors that will take your guests through a structured progression of various sights, sounds, tastes, textures, smells.. Involving all the five senses always engages a feeling of excitement among one and all.

Courtesy of image: Rachel wilson

Make sure to enhance the flow of the wedding by leading guests on a meaningful journey where you do personalize the experience by linking it with the theme of the wedding and some cultural traditions. What you need is to create a mood, choose to focus the attention onto special moments, add elements of surprise, encourage to play,  facilitate interaction, and have some wow factors.

Courtesy of image: Linda James

Trigger your imagination with some of those ideas!

1) Use performers. They are a great way to fill in quiet moments, the aperitif, entertain your guests when you are with the photographer for shoot some pictures.. you have plenty of options that can be mixed up. Design a playground where comedians, theatre actors, jugglers, acrobats, bubbleogist are the main protagonists. Interaction is more likely to be enjoyed; therefore, opt to have a magician or a mentalist wandering through the reception to intrigue your guests, or vigrx plus relults either have a fortune teller with a crystal ball, taro cards, rune stones.

Courtesy of image: Evreux France

Courtesy of image: the wedding secret

Courtesy of image: bookriot

Courtesy of image: Jack mannequin

2) Add some dancing moments to your wedding reception!

Courtesy of image: Teresa Howell

I love especially aerial shows, synchronized swim and fire dancers. They are spectacular solutions to add a touch of style and general embellishment! Depending on the theme of your wedding and your cultural background  any kind of dancing will be a pleasant and perfect solution ( belly dance, afro, Brazilian, break dance, ballet..).

Courtesy of image: ballet beautiful

Courtesy of image: wedding lovelies

Courtesy of image: cengizphotography

Courtesy of image: Valeria Castellanos

An excellent idea that I would like to use once – could be to organize with the guests an unexpected mini flash mob as surprise dance for the bride and the groom!!

Courtesy of image: utah wedding photographer

3) Involve the arts!! Every piece of art will add a exclusive touch to wedding day. Artists like a calligrapher, a caricaturist, a live painter, a contemporary street artist, a sculptor or a body artist are great choices since people love to watch performers ‘in action’, and your guests will have a piece of art to take home to commemorate the event.

Courtesy of image: society bride


Courtesy of image:

These attention getters have emotional payoff and will leave your audience awestruck. Choose some and transform your wedding into a gorgeous piece of art.

Courtesy of image: Leanne Stoundon





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My parents special 40th anniversary!

Today I want to share with you guys a special “they will live happily ever after story” – the 40th marriage anniversary of my parents. Last Tuesday we celebrated a couple that spent 40 long years building up a story – together. This is a plot full of happy moments, fights, passions, love, and yes, my birth!

I’m so grateful to be one of the positive results of this strong relationship! Their example taught me that you can become one thing with someone else, that it’s a good choice to grow old together with the love of your life; but, above all, they are and they will be always, the model of love that let dream my heart every single day.

Celebrating cannot have a better excuse! So we decided to invite 50 special guests, not random people, but 50 lifetime friends that came over for enjoy this happy accomplishment with my family.

A BBQ has been organized in the veggie garden that my father and some friends are cultivating every day in their spare time. It’s a special land for everyone. A corner where for usufruct they do put love on the caring of nature and its products – growing genuine foods, planting trees, picking up fruits, and taking care of the chickens..

I always feel like stepping into an idyllic Italian vintage picture – characterized by pleasant classical stereotypes of my old country, warm summer temperature, and hard working guys that are not that longer on their twenties but they have plenty of energies to give!

This fairy garden is symbol of many satisfactions, the place where they share lifetime knowledge and experiences that I should probably knock together on books for spreading them again in the future..

“The garden that drinks” it’s the funny nickname of this special place. Symbolically meaning the need of water that this land needs; but as well an icon of the countless lunches and simple happy moments passed drinking together!

Which other place could be possibly be better for hosting and getting together all the family and friends that can testify all those long 40 years?!!

The anniversary has been a very special happening thanks to the help that everyone puts day after day on this relationships and exclusive land. For this event, the bride (my mum), decided to wear a dress with a green tonality. The green is the tone that symbolize 40 years of anniversary and she requested to her guests to wear some white details – possibly including a hat as accessorize. If you wander who is the groom – you will spot him immediately: my father is the one with that big funny bell and glassy white sunglasses – he still has his charme and style!

The lunch smoothly presented delicious grilled meat, then some yummy homemade lasagne, the semenax magicsexlife wine has been displayed onto a big vintage iron basin filled up with ice. We also distributed some hats – collecting them into a barrow for the guests. The cakes – also homemade with those genuine ingredients ( we are in italy aren’t we??!) – have been prepared by expert girlfriends of the bride and the groom; meanwhile a Fiat 500, the best symbol of the Italian design and story, has been placed in a corner as decorative touch for create the perfect background for the photo booth area where – with my great happiness ( and surprise ;) ) -  I’ve assisted at very funny moments and contagious happiness.

This small spot staged young and less young guests with masks and funny props – striking fun poses and shooting unforgettable happy photos.

Next, we created a lounge area with a comfy hammock full of covers and cushions. For the kids we had carpets and cushions placed next to the Fiat 500 where they could play and lay down on the sun. The air was fresh and clean, the sun was warm as per usual during the Italian summer with a pleasant light wind.. The music choice was for old Italian song, American cliché and familiar sounds.

We commemorated with some tears few friends that are not with us anymore, and we laughed, joked.. and I’ve seen my parents being as happy as it was again their wedding day :)

Some friends were playing cards, someone was dancing, others where remembering fun old times together..

Personally talking has been a relief to do not feel the usual pre-wedding stress, we hadn’t speeches or tears from mothers, girlfriends .. but I felt that has been a very emotional day for everyone.

I don’t know if has been the special garden, the willingness to spend some quality time together, the sun, or the familiarity of  everything.

I do believe that a successful marriage isn’t created just by the couple itself, but also by all the surrounding details that are making it real: the friends, the people that help us and we let take part to our daily life,  the love that we show to life, the patience to pick up the fruit of our hard work,  the protective behaviour that we show for the people we really care of… 

For all those components we can  celebrate with a genuine enthusiasm such a special day, with all those people always there as we say in Italy: “nella buona e e nella cattiva sorte” ( in good and bad times).

PS: The thing that made me smile for a long minute has been when on the chairs with the sign ” BRIDE AND GROOM” two males friends of the couple sat there – unaware of the meaning of those English words! ;)

Here I have some few images for you..

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Design a dreamy atmosphere with candles

Setting up a magic mood at your wedding reception is one of my favorite challenges.

Courtesy of image: style me pretty

Courtesy of image: we heart it

The most romantic day of your life should be lighted up into a dreamy atmosphere with dancing vivid candlelights holding from trees, floating around water surfaces, reflecting in mirrors and crystals..

Courtesy of image: brigh bold beautiful

Courtesy of image: project wedding

Courtesy of image: evrimgallery

All that you need is just a bunch of candles, some beautiful lanterns, jars or creative holders, and to design an authentic, unforgettable and gorgeous look. When it comes to set the feeling of your night – the simplest and most romantic choice always comes with real lighting, with open flames. Candles can create an enchanted world, are a fantastic way to decorate, and can achieve excellent lighting  results.

Courtesy of image: Caroline Mentari

Courtesy of image: Amie Burgees

They make ambience, give a romantic look, can complement your weeding theme and leave a feeling that will touch the soul of every guest.

Courtesy of image: oh goodie designs

Add an extra touch of embellishment with some of these elegant ideas!

1) Amuse yourself with different shapes and heights. We like early pregnancy hcg to use uncommon holders like shells, jars, lanterns.. it’s a creative task and should always follow the style and theme of your wedding.

Courtesy of image: 3.bp.blogspot

Courtesy of image: hair sugar

Courtesy of image: alice is wonderful

Courtesy of image: my flower affair

2) Hang candles on jars, vases, lanterns from the ceiling, from trees, above the dinner table …

Courtesy of image: Stefani Stewart

Courtesy of image: Yvette Iglesias Mosqueda

Courtesy of image: vicky rotunno

3) Adding floating candles to your floral decorations and arrangements will provide an elegant and fabulous look. The reflections created by those small sailing lights and the water will grant a general amusement all over the night!

Courtesy of image: bibi cook

Courtesy of image: Khanh  Luu

4) Be creative with the cover. An idea is to choose to wrap the candle holder with lace ( or other elegant fabrics), as well as choose a specific drawing theme for get specific light effects.

Courtesy of image: style me pretty

Courtesy of image: vivacious hair

The right atmosphere is an essential ingredient. Get romantic and remember that candles for tradition are visible reminders of the the possible triumph of truth and love over the darkness.

Courtesy of image: style unveiled

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