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Wedding illustrations

We are back from holidays and today we would like to start the year with a new colored post – an article about the use of creative illustrations at weddings! Frequently we see that illustrations are not that much used; but in our opinion are a fair and pleasurable options that can produce special and unique details. Illustrations are creative, detail oriented, and they add a high degree of personalization if done with meaningful touch. So let’s add some color and fun!

Courtesy of image: Philip Karlberg

Courtesy of image: wedding with zsazsa

Courtesy of image: bajan wed

There are plenty of ideas in which you can employ them: having illustrated “do you want to be my bridesmaid” invitations, “save the date”, welcome bags, menus and table décor, as wedding day plan, as backdrop at your ceremony, as front bar décor or cocktails board, having an illustrated panel or wallpaper behind your photo booth corner.. I really like the idea of use them not only as gifts and invites, but as decorative elements. The color palette and style should recall your wedding theme and decor – but… why not – you can be orginal and do something unexpected with the invitation and then choose a totally different wedding style..

Courtesy of image: dribbble

Courtesy of image: boxcarpress

Courtesy of image: style me pretty

Courtesy of image: Diana Mc Gregor

Courtesy of image: hitched magazine

Courtesy of image: Jill Ricci

Courtesy of image: nora rinehart

You can get an artist to do them or another option is also to ask to your photographer to use an “illustration style” and design some creative images. You can reuse those photograms as illustration pattern for invites and other details or have some creative photos that will make your wedding album a bit more original.

Courtesy of image: 500px

Courtesy of image: Chloe Newman

Courtesy of image: joujou villeroy

Courtesy of image: hitched magazine

Courtesy of image: topit

Courtesy of image: motel de moka

Illustrate your story. Be original. Don’t follow what is trendy now for the market – but follow the dream of how your wedding should be. Make it special and extremely personable – even with simple illustrations you can make it spectacular!

Courtesy of image: wedding illustrated

Courtesy of image: between peace and happiness


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The wedding planner attire

Today we would love to provide some practical and useful tips on what a wedding planner should wear on the wedding day whith a focus on some details to be considered when working in Italy.

Courtesy of image: weheartit

Courtesy of image: John Biccard

The idea is to wear something that makes you feel absolutely comfortable without sacrifice a your fine style.  You will start early in the morning and finishing after the last dance.. so both for the set up and the event itself you should focus on smart attire combinations in order to be trendy but fist – very at ease.

Courtesy of image: Madame shou shou

The set up will involve a lot of activities and moving – you will have to shift things around, walk a lot, meet suppliers, deal with your clients.. Consequently you will need very comfortable clothes/shoes, cotton t- shirt, a pocket to keep scissors, pens and any item you always need handy..
Since we are working in Italy during the summer months you have also to consider that the temperature is hot with a very strong sun, some locations have constant breeze so you might not feel the sun burning your skin (.. but you will complain at night time when you should be focused on key parts of the wedding). Some practical and simple advices here are not to forget to bring a lot of water – you will be surprised by how much you will drink! – and to have a hat to shade from hgh strength the sun – this will help you in avoid an unnecessary headache.

Courtesy of image: madame shou shou

Courtesy of image: ohsolovelyvintage

Courtesy of image: Paris Hotel Boutique

Courtesy of image: heroicdoses

Then have handy a “wedding planner kit” with some needle and thread, plasters, headache pills, sunblock cream, ribbons and other decorative item you always use..

Courtesy of image: weddingpins

For the night opt for a more formal and professional dress that matches with the event’s theme and colors. Be different and creative but remember always to keep in mind that you need something “practical”: you will still have to move some details around, stand till late, and you will not have that much time to get ready – so opt also for something easy to put on. Use flat shoes as well ( rain booths if rains are a must), a nice small bag where you can fit your phone, pens. events spreadsheets etc.

Courtesy of image: Melanie Vourria

Courtesy of image: dust jacket

Courtesy of image: Vanessa Jackman

Courtesy of image: bridalguide

Courtesy of image: fashionologie

Courtesy of image: the cinderella project

Being a wedding planner is like being a movie producer – you have the plot, the acts, the actors, a beautiful scenery.. and you need to direct this new love story at your very best. Enjoy what you do, feel comfy on your outfit, keep your taste “out there” and reflect your style with small details also when wearing something informal.

Courtesy of image: madame shou shou


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Eco wedding chic ideas

Ecological weddings are getting more and more popular since our society became exceptionally sensible about the awful impacts that some choices can have on the environment. The good news here is that to overcome those problems we have available plenty of pretty eco friendly solutions for your wedding décor and planning. “Going green” means a lot of things, between them: re-use item you already have, decide on re-cycled materials, opt for km zero solutions, go for seasonal and local, decrease the event’s impact on the planet and of course avoid to waste. To follow, I’ve considered  some key ecological features.

This problem should be seen as a seed of opportunity to be more creative and original with results. There are many ways to do it without sacrificing style or elegance!

Courtesy of image Charleston wedding guide

1 The Re- use

Costs add up so quickly when you’re planning your big day. The good news, though, is that you don’t have to purchase brand new items for every single aspect.  By adding repurposed décor you will help the environment by reducing the amount of waste generated; in fact, if you take a look around your home, your wedding planner list of material to hire, stores and flea markets, you’ll be surprised at what you can repurpose into wedding décor with a some creativity!

Re using means to employ recycled stones and metals, as well as ethically sourced diamonds, gems and metals to create unique jewelry, handmade gowns or precious pieces used by your mom to incorporate into your wedding dress, family vintage  pieces, or handmade items are also sustainable options to consider as decorative items.. This will add a unique touch of originality as well as being a green choice. The reality is that you will need plenty of details that you might already have or that you will better hire if you won’t need them after the celebration.

Courtesy of image: the innovation diaries

Courtsy of image: bridalguide

Courtesy of image: style me pretty

Courtesy of image: Chic weddings in Italy

2 Recycled Materials

Invitations, RSVP cards, seating programs, menus, seating cards, thank you notes, and more can be done with recycled materials. Today the industry offers beautiful and elegant options to reduce resource consumption. Another solution is to go digital: instead of including separate papers for reception cards and maps and directions to the wedding, house all pertinent information on a wedding website.

Courtesy of image: James Moses

Courtesy of image: Labola Flowers and decor inspiration

Courtesy of image: eventastic weddings

Courtesy of image: eco wedding design

3 Go Local

No matter what your budget or theme, putting a little extra thought into both ceremony and reception decor will reduce one-time-use items. Something as simple as reusing ceremony floral arrangements at your reception will eliminate the need to purchase as many flowers. Using your location and the season for inspiration will provide you with a number of natural, cost-saving decor ideas such as collecting shells from a nearby beach for a summer celebration, using local fruit and veggies as decoration for your table, opt for favors produced in the area where you will held your wedding..

A lot of times we ask for flowers that are imported because out of season – and so they are sprayed with pesticides.. Using local, seasonal and organic flowers, lowers fuel consumption and is often less costly than ordering exotic species, which must be shipped. Plus another “green idea” is to have succulents or seeds that can be replanted afterwards as favor idea or complementing your bouquet and table décor.

The same when talking about the food. No matter how you choose to design your menu, using in-season local and/or organic foods will decrease the carbon footprint of your meal while supporting the local economy. When available, providing wine, beer, and other beverages made in the area adds some local flavor.

Courtesy of image: La rosa Canina Firenze

Courtesy of image: La rosa canina Firenze


Courtesy of image: Chris Norman

Courtesy of image: green wedding shoes

Courtesy of image: style me pretty

Then we could talk about transport, honeymoon, gifts, photos… but the meaning here is that every green choice, even if small, makes a big difference. Get inspired by nature, don-t waste her simple beauty. Because the more tuned in you are to the mind of nature, the more you have access to its infinite, unbounded creativity.

Courtesy of image: planet blue

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The wedding getting ready process: what to wear, outfit ideas

On our last post we spoke about how significant are photos to us.. that’s why today I would like to highlight the importance of choosing a proper outfit to wear during the getting ready part of your wedding day..

You wouldn’t think it would make that big of a difference what you and your girls wear while getting your hair & makeup done, but it really does. Your photographer will be around shooting heaps of pictures and focusing on pretty details and moments.. So, what are you going to wear? In the past, an old button-down shirt from your closet was the go-to, but, it is your wedding day and you should treat yourself, feeling luxurious and comfy in your pretty robe.

Courtesy of image: Emma Line Bride

Courtesy of image: Tracie Howe

Courtesy of image: your cloud parade

Courtesy of image: Green Wedding Shoes

Imagine looking back on your photos and seeing totally unmatched styles and colors, old unflattering clothes, stains or dirty shoes.. That’s why we really encourage all brides to invest in beautiful robes, and to involve your bridesmaids to do the same. Getting ready is one of the best parts of the wedding day, and those moments should give you the best possible photos!

Courtesy of image: shirimpsaladcircus

So first, plan what you and your bridesmaids will wear. Surf around few stores and find a beautiful outfit. Opt for robes: they are usually made of sumptuous fabrics, are handcrafted with femininity, and are perfect for wrapping around you while getting ready for the wedding. A good elegant choice is to have lacy wraps for the bride and silk ones for the bridesmaids. Remember to choose a strappy dress for don’t mess up your do’s and to wear comfy flip flops or shoes.

Courtesy of image: La perla

Courtesy of image: a positive beautiful blog

Courtesy of image: style me pretty

Courtesy of image: Green Wedding Shoes

If instead you prefer a more informal look, choose personalized shirts or a zip-up hoodie, they are always good pick too!

Courtesy of image: etsy

Courtesy of image: style me pretty

Courtesy of image: south bound bride

Then choose your wedding colors, or opt for each girls’ favorite one as a gift to them. The color palette will have a great impact on photos!

Courtesy of image: Green Wedding Shoes

Courtesy of image: etsy

Courtesy of image: stone cold fox

Think also about the possibility of getting some personalized work on those outfits. Something funny, the names of your brides or better write down an adjective that describes their roles on your life… this little detail will make the difference in the end result of your wedding album. Plus, you can definitely re-use them!

Courtesy of image: Dennis Berti Photographer

Courtesy of image: hellomagazine

Last, remember to take few minutes to pose all together in your robes with hair and makeup done: this will be a special memory later on down the road, and you will never regret having too many photos once your day is over..

Courtesy of image: homebodii

Courtesy of image: Emmaline Bride



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Creative wedding photo album display

Photos are fair reproductions of what we call reality but certainly they hold a deeper value to us. They embrace emotions, a specific life experience, they capture details we don’t notice even if we are the protagonist of that same picture.. And, most importantly, they let us dream. Our mind starts spinning around, jumping into our memories, going beyond the present, hitting the past and the future at the same time, re-living specific moments.. and inevitably, when they are meaningful, they knock at the most sensitive side of our soul.

Courtesy of image: Priscila Valentina

The little details captured on fotogram’s can drive us  to experience intensely with just the power of the imagination.. that’s why the photo album is one of the most important items to take care of after your wedding celebration.

Courtesy of image: Etsy

Having an official-elegant photo album is a must; but what it is also mandatory, is to have a creative photo display into your new house. Choose a wall/a piece of furniture or some original display and design some inspired photos arrangement that will exhibit your favorite and most special wedding memories.

I love this idea because you can present your wedding shots without running into the whole photo album and it is a great way to decorate a corner of your house. Going through your wedding photos with someone else means stepping into your love story – you will see it from a different point of view.. Use original items and choose unique solutions. The choice of precious materials, vintage furnitures or some artifact can help in make it special. To follow, I’ve collected some images to get inspired from.

Courtesy of image: ruffledblog

Courtesy of image: the knot

Courtesy of image: Airom Bleicher

Courtesy of image: Tonja Moonen

Courtesy of image: Crafts and decor

Courtesy of image: Wishing tree design

Courtesy of image: Dee Wheatley

Courtesy of image: home talk

Courtesy of image : scrapbook and love

Courtesy of image: Nikki Valentine Phelan

Courtessy of image: Laura

The word “photo” stands for “drawing with light” – which despite its technical meaning – indicates that it captures your soul, your happiness, and portrays your unique story.

Love has its own voice – and a simple photograph can tell more than thousands of words.

Courtesy of image: Easy dreamer photography

Courtesy of image: Simply bloom


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Wedding “parades”!!

Today I would like to talk about a most likely uncommon topic: the parade that follows the exit of the bride and the groom after the wedding ceremony. Since you brides are getting married in Italy – it would be cool to step into some local traditions of our beautiful country.

Next to  your “Yes, I do” it is ordinary to walk out of the church/ceremony area and after the bouquet, rice&petals tossing, few photos, the bride and groom car will head toward the wedding venue guiding a “corteo” ( parade) of cars through a nice route – most likely hitting the main streets of the town.

Courtesy of image: Scooter roma tours

Courtesy of image: Heather Parker

Courtesy of image: Heirloom Collective

Each one of the guests cars ( or other transports) is decorated with a simple white ribbon – symbolizing that a new marriage has been just signed off.

Courtesy of image: google

This is not part of the galateo rule but everybody does it: during the corteo all the cars will use their horn constantly – especially when close to a bunch of people..! Even completely strangers will understand the meaning of all this noise and will jump curiously out of their windows to see who’s got married, spot a new beautiful bride, applaude and give away smiles and blessings..

Courtesy of image: Marco Ficili

This is typically done in order to show off that you’ve got married  – spreading out your happiness throughout the world.. It’s a nice cheerful way to make your first steps together and start a new journey with your partner and guests.

Courtesy of image: Sweet Little Photographs

What I would recommend here is to celebrative creatively and maybe use instead of just cars some vintage transports like vespas, old trolleys, trains, vans, old bicycles.. These options are all perfect choices depending always on the style&theme of your wedding.

Courtesy of image: Priscilla Guilbaud

Courtesy of image: Classicku Bali Wedding

What is a lovely and charming choice for a true Italian style is to use vintage vespas and the original 500.. But the options are plenty and you can even opt for horses or any other animal able to cruise you around!

Courtesy of image: Angelica Valle Alvarez

Courtesy of image: sunrainey

The parade can also be very entertaining with some surprises or jokes on the way!

For instance once during a parade we organized a “aperitif” on the street: a small elegant table with two glasses and a bottle of champagne has been placed in the middle of the road in order to “obligate” the new couple to have a first toast on the middle of the road in front of an endless number of smiling faces.

This short moment will surely add a touch of extra fun to your day. Enjoy every single second of it!

Courtesy of image: Justin & Mary

Courtesy of image: image style

Courtesy of image: images style

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Creative wedding make-up

Today we thought on going through some creative make up solutions for your special day. We love the idea of having some artists creating your guests fabulous look for the photo booth area or, even better, for fit beautifully into the wedding theme/tradition.

Beauty is a subjective and cultural experience made of simplicity, elegance, integrity, intelligence, personality and attractiveness.. but putting some make up on can entirely transcend the overall appearance of a subject by adding style and dazzle to their feature.

Courtesy of image: Makeitallop

Courtesy of image: beauty high

Courtesy of image: media photobucket

Courtesy of image: Candy coloured hair

In some traditions – like the in India – showing off the beauty symbolizes a long standing ritual where elegant make-up creations are protagonist together with mehndi application and beautiful accessorizes. Then, if you are having a themed wedding or one that follows your own culture, it would be gorgeous to have few makeup artists able to create the look of most of the guests by giving the impression to step into old times, India, a movie.. a set where each of the characters will fit beautifully with the look and style.

Courtesy of image: derek wong photography

Courtesy of image: the chica advisor

There are plenty of great ideas to get inspired from: play with colors and styles, try something different or unusual, opt for face painting, glitter tatoos, the application of precious stones upon your skin.. And trust me: having most of the guests with a similar stunning attire will look great on photos and will deliver a unique atmosphere!

Courtesy of image: ashleemv

Courtesy of image: David Cultrano

Courtesy of image: youtubowiczki

Courtesy of image: we heart it

Courtesy of image: ko-te

Courtesy of image: petals avenue

Courtesy of image: eyes shoadow lipstick

Beauty can enhance greater heights with a skilled make-up artist able to emphasize your natural look; but your beautiful smile is always the best make up that you can wear.

Courtesy of image: pretty stuff





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Glamorous waiter’s style

Today’s post wants to underline the importance of thinking about your waiters and waitresses style when planning your event. A wedding is a made to measure experience, with plenty of small details to take care of – and this one should not be forgotten. Your waiting staff needs to be professional, well presented, able to make sure that everyone will have a great time, with a charming and sincere smile. They will be interacting with your guests probably more than you – so they should fit beautifully into your wedding with a creative and gorgeous uniform that matches your event’s theme. Having an excellent service it is an essential ingredient; and choosing a personalized outfit will make it even more special.

Styling your waiters and waitresses can add an excellent ‘sparkle’ to an event! Here are some tips on how to personalize your waiter’s attire.

Courtesy of image: Black and white Waiters

a) First you need to find the proper uniform. Opt for one that better matches with your wedding style and create a stunning result! Your waiting staff will become an additional event’s “décor” feature.

Start with asking to your caterer/staffing agency which options they can provide you with; and if you are not satisfied with what they can offer, think creative and find original alternatives.

Courtesy of image: Black and white waiters

Courtesy of image: Runway waiters NY

Courtesy of image: Black and white waiters

Courtesy of image: Runway Waiters NY

Courtesy of image: Harrison Wahlstrom

b) Second, if you have a specific theme, match them accordingly. Think about it – for a Great Gatsby wedding you can be “spoiled” by beautiful elegant guys dressed with a bow tie and white jacket serving crystal champagne glasses onto a mirror tray; and girls with red lipstick, high heels, an elegant skirt/dress and a graceful hair-style..

Courtesy of image: Black and white waiters

Courtesy of image: Laura Murray Photography

Another idea, for a vintage themed wedding, is to have girls dressed as elegant maids and guys with suspenders, bow tie and a vintage hat. Play with it!

Courtesy of image: Philip Treacy

Courtesy of image: Rosso Antico

Courtesy of image: 29 media

c) Bear in mind to focus on the little details: they help piece everything together beautifully. My personal advice is to center your attention on pretty accessorizes and brilliantly style up your waiting staff. This allows you to use loved ornaments combined with even a more informal unifom. 

For the waiters use fresh colored bow ties/ties, original suspenders, vintage hats, beautiful jackets, stylish glasses, vintage trays.. And for the waitresses same as above, plus floral headbands, some cool make up, lace masks..

Courtesy of image: Diderot Maison

Courtesy of image: etsy

Courtesy of image: Diderot Maison

Courtesy of image: etsy

Courtesy of image: cici chris

Personality is what make it different. Spread out your stunning ideas, it is simple as  choosing what to wear when you wake up every morning. So now have fun and design your exclusive waiter’s style!

Courtesy of image: Black and white waiters

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Wedding bar style ideas

Following with my last post, where I wrote some suggestions on how to set up your drink corner, I would like now to be more specific and spread out some ideas on how to design precisely the bar itself. Too frequently we see just a simple table with a tablecloth as serving station for your guests.

The bar is one of the places where anyone will surely head more than once for get a drink – so it should be decorated and presented beautifully, matching the whole wedding theme, style and color scheme as well. The bar is a focal point and therefore needs to be eye-catching, creative, and with some good lighting able to valorize it.

There are plenty of ways to design it. Here are some photos that can encourage you in choose a different option!

Courtesy of image: Ampers and ink

Courtesy of image: Gauthier Richard

1 Find a stunning material for covering up your bar’s front side. Green grass, crystals hanging, led light bars, stacked wood, capitonè leather, bambù, wine barrels, flowers, vintage furniture, and why not – if its winter – a bar completely made by ice..

Courtesy of image: Snippet & Ink

Courtesy of image: Fete Ny

Courtesy of image: Flickr

Courtesy of image: one love photography

Courtesy of image: Jpda

Courtesy of image: Antonio Gardoni


Courtesy of image: yuni design consultant

Courtesy of image: Beth McArthur Appleton

2 Follow your event’s theme and use decorative stands that can recall the topic of your wedding. For example use surfboards for your surf/beach wedding, wine barrels for your winery wedding, hay balls for a country chic wedding..

Courtesy of image: refinery 29

Courtesy of image: wedding illustrated

Courtesy of image: Julia Hohne

3 Use a car, a custom trailer mobile bar for retro caravan lovers, a canoe..  and turn those transport devices into creative/informal bar corners! 

Courtesy of image: crafty pint

Courtesy of image: Born rich

Courtesy of image: Avant Couture weddings

Courtesy of image: uncovering paradise