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In Italy, where we lay our scene!

 Image by Chicweddingsinitaly

Ciao, bella! I have just returned from my first ever visit to Verona and Venice – my new favourite cities!  Verona is everything you’d expect from an Italian city – bustling but quaint, full of beautiful churches and peaceful gardens, squares and piazzas filled with market stalls and cafes. Only in Verona can you eat donkey ragu pasta in a pizzeria inside a church, or taste some sospiri di Romeo ["Romeo's sighs!"], small chocolate hazelnut biscuits from the Pasticerria Cordioli! Delizioso! 

Only in Venice instead, you will be stopped while walking into the small “calles”. Beautiful artist’s water colours, which are sold per weight will catch your attention. Here you can feel the city was the home of the artistic fresco’s sceneries of the past…and still it is! Corners are filled with details, walls talking about history, asking you for ” un pane per i poveri”… one bread, or coin,  for the poor!




Image by Chicweddings

Back to us: for all the incredible food, architecture and culture, Verona is first and foremost a city for lovers.

One of the most unique things about it is that there is graffiti everywhere.  But this is not the usual ugly, offensive graffiti you spot in every other city around the world – instead, almost every empty surface of Verona’s buildings are covered in hearts and the initials of couples in love. The city is covered in declarations of romance and true love, the histories of hundreds of thousands of happy couples…

Image via February Sun

Of course, one of the most famous sights in Verona is Juliet’s house. Here, too, the lovers of the city have left their mark: the beautiful bronze statue of Juliet watches over an iron gate which is covered in thousands of padlocks, each one bearing the name of a couple. Couples come from all over the world to write their names together on a padlock, clamp it to the gate, and throw the key away – symbolising that their love is eternal.

Image via Keith Stokes

In anywhere else in the world, these scrawlings and padlocks would be vandalism – in Verona, the home of Romeo and Giulietta, they symbolise something else entirely: true love. Why not visit the most romantic cities in the world yourself, and leave your own padlock  with your beloved?

Here… looking up… from one of the most romantic city!


Image by Chicweddings


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