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Let them have fun about your wedding

Image from Lovewedbliss

 Did you ever worried about what will happen, at your wedding reception, while you are gone for sometime to take pictures and pose nicely ? Oh my gosh, what will my guests do? Will they be bored, will the music selection be right, will they just wait for me to come back before sitting at dinner table and finally have some food?

What, what, what??? Well, here’s the trick. Give them a game to play and they will love it!

This is a small game, where your guests can fill out the words on one side and insert them later on the other side. Every guest, and yourself too, will have a blast when, later in the day, or after a few weeks, you will read out those funny stories. No cheating though… everything has to be spontaneous and it is not allowed to sneak over the other side of the page.

The girls of Sugar and Cloth have created a nice way to entertain your guest meanwhile you are somewhere else.

You can download the files here and read the instructions below; text is taken from Lovewedbliss website:

1 | Choose whether you want to have a blank heading for your own stamp, or if you like the design shown, then download & save the front & back of the guest lib by clicking the corresponding button above.

2 | Print the front design onto 5 x 7 card stock, and then flipping the card stock over to print the back. If you’ve chosen to print the design shown, there is a customizable box where you can insert your own wedding date on the heart before printing!

3 | Put a finished guest lib at each place setting with a small pencil, or you can have your guests pick one up on the way to the party.

Have fun!!!








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