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Dark chocolate white dress!

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I love an intimate wedding, something small and cosy with all of your favorite people around you, and your favorite chocolates of course…

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A perfect location for such a wedding could be an old vintage style chocolate factory: dark wood, retro style furniture, dim lighting and steel moulds covering the walls.

In such a lovely setting one can have tables spread out in different areas of the location, to recreate a charming winter garden.

The loading dock, Brooklyn

Chocolate can be the third main component at the wedding, after the bride and the groom of course, so why not make it the table center piece.

Not only is chocolate beautiful to look at, but it also lifts up the spirits, puts your guests in a good mood and satisfies even the pickiest of palates.

And as a treat for your guests who must never leave empty handed….leave some vintage style small brown personalised paper bags on the table, so they can put together their own wedding favours… Or hand out hot chocolate cones..

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Or dress up a hot chocolate bar?

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What about a chocolate wedding dress?!?


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