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Fun weddings – Let’s dance!

Dancing has definitely its charm. Dancing is a silent elegant poetry, a performance where your body through rithm, music and movement reflects your inner soul. Indeed, I see the dance as the perfect medium able to express what it’s too deep to find into words. A tangible communication of passion, beauty and true feelings.. but also the best way to celebrate, be spontaneous and, above all, have the best time with your beloved ones. Certainly, we love weddings, but most of all FUN weddings! The improvisation and spontaneity out of it can truly make your day memorable.

Image courtesy: the lane


Image courtesy: heavenlybloomsblog


Image courtesy:  Style  me pretty

Image courtesy: albertalagroup

Dancing is pure sharing of happiness and laugh. That’s why you should use it as key part of your agenda;  its without doubt as important as decide the menu. Everyone will make sure to show its best moves.. Improvisation and creativity are welcome, photographers will find the best pose for each one of your guests, and it will be the instant in which you will completely free yourself from all the tensions you had few hours before.

By the way I’ve recently been to the best wedding dinner ever. The schedule was quite interesting:  30 minutes eating, then 30 dancing and so on for the whole dinner.. This active plan was something very special and super fun for everyone. All the guests were happily jumping and having fun together between one dish and the other instead of sitting still. This trend is pretty unique and its quite contagious.. I really wanted to join them and I was smiling with my eyes wide open in front of such a beautiful gathering. It is the perfect solution if you want to make it more fun and interactive!!

Image courtesy: etsy

Image courtesy: york place studio


Image courtesy:  bellagala

The first dance should be elegant and unforgettable.. but why not also really fun?!! Improvise, surprise, make it special and meaningful for you. You can make it romantic, beautiful and fun at the same time. Reharse at home and choose a song that speaks the language of your soul. Make official the first dance style to your guests, start with it and surprise them with your favourite steps and song.

Image courtesy:  pagespeed

Image courtesy:


Image courtesy: tumblr

The music choice is quite a key part of the night as well. Music will set the mood and here comes the part in which you need to prove how well you know your guests. Select something that you like but that can also entertain well your attendees, go for songs that are good for dancing in group too. Always remember that the aim of dancing is having fun together and celebrate :)!


Image courtesy: weddingpartyapp

Image courtesy: the knot

Another fun and beautiful idea – is to buy some accessorizes/props and create a  styled  “masquerade” o “themed dance” with your favourite details. Also, don’t forget to prepare a corner with some flip flops – this will help people, especially ladies in loose themselves in the dancefloor.


Image courtesy:  the  lane

Image courtesy: makeandbelive


Image courtesy: somethingturquoise

At last, remember that bodies never lie. When we dance we truly express our inner beauty and soul..

Image courtesy: underthecarolinemoon


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Travel diary: discovering Saudi Arabia

The summer is filling up our agenda with heaps of weddings but this time we want to change the focus and travel with you through one of the most mysterious middle East lands.. to Saudi Arabia.

Courtesy of image: examiner

Courtesy of image: Tsahizn

Since the beginning I’ve pictured this visit to Saudi Arabia as a new adventure, a true experience. My idea of this quite unknown Country it can be compared to an indefinite dream.. Its incredible how our imagination travels miles that we have never explored before, evoking an hidden curiosity, hitting your soul with magical stories that are in your subconscious since you  were a kid,  and filling up the reality with exotic images..

I feel always like that when I travel to a place where I have never been before. And Saudi Arabia its somehow an hidden country – a box hard to open up with few things that ( being a woman, plus not islamic) I am actually allowed to explore.. but behind this hidden world there is a lot of culture and truly beautiful people.

Courtesy of image: Abduwahab Albanaa Photographer

Courtesy of Image: flickr

Courtesy of image: flickr

Saudi Arabia is also the heart of the Islam…the Islamic call to prayer echos through the city comes Five times per day and literaly everything stops. This slice of sacred time guides everyone to kneel to the groud, facing  the  Mecca and dedicate its prayers to Allah. I personally find this faith very strong and their devotion to be admired. It somehow gives additional charme to the place.. even though for who like me has a life that doesn’t match with the Corano rules its somehow hard  to follow this rithm.

Courtesy of image: Brenda Hibdon

Courtesy of image: yahoo

Courtesy of image: Nicola Partington

I have been wondering around for few months already and sincerely I have been surprised by what this part of the world can offer. The romance and exoticism of those lands is clear when looking at the misterious beauty of womens, the charming old buildings made by mud and camel milk, the desert and the heat, the closeness to the family, the tent culture, the sacred mosques, the white  thobes, camel  races  in the  desert, the beautiful calligraphy and henna tattoo..

The part that I prefer is where the old markets are – where thousands of vendors are selling everything from handcrafted items, antique carpets, furnitures, handmade shoes,  mazed in labyrinthine alleyways, with crazy colored doors and curious old buildings that pop up in the old area.

Courtesy of image: Pamala Switze

Courtesy of image: lostinthedesert

Courtesy of image: Eric Lafforgue

Courtesy of image:  Eric Lafforgue

Courtesy of image: flickr

Courtesy of image: Barbara Edwards

Courtesy of image: Eric Lafforgue

And  yes here the wedding are something completely different. Woman and  men are divided as per  usual in two different areas  and  they do celebrate separately. The party  starts late in the night – around 23.00  and the actual big entrance of the bride will be very late  – around 3 am – showing  up with her groom and standing  in a podium.. Sounds like a princess entrance but it is a very different  tradition from what I am used to. The  ladies  will  get the chance to wear the  best outfit of the year and to dance like crazy  since outside the wedding hall its forbidden to dance  in  public.. Mans will celebrate separately and the two sex will never get  in contact during the  night. I hope I  will see one  soon since  here they are so welcoming  that is not that complicate to  be  invited  to attend  one.

Attracted by many cultural contrasts – after 4 months I do found this country still full of ways to surprise me – positively and negatively.  The behavior with women’s stops the society in evolving and that’s exactly what the most conservative people are looking at. This is too far from what I consider normal and it never stop in surprising me on how everything keeps going on here.

Courtesy of image: niqab

But I dind’t came here for judge  – Its just amazing how here everything  is so  different, how the culture  and  tradition plays a key role on everything..   and even if makes no sense it somehow works.


Courtesy of image: stylecraze


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Chic Weddings on Magnolia Rouge

We are so thrilled to be featured in the next edition of Magnolia Rouge!!! Watch out for more info on the wedding, the stunning couple and the great team of talents that accompanied us on this project…


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Finally a break in the wedding season!

Hello everyone!

We are finally taking some time to flick through this season’s weddings and we love each one of them.

Just a quick note to thank all our partners and couples for being special and for having chosen to work with us.

It’s always such an honour!

The Chic Weddings Team



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Fairytale Krikor Jabotian wedding dress inspiration

Since we are little we dream about princesses, fairytales and love stories. Our imagination spontaneously focus on the beauty of this unreal word where those incredible dresses just fit perfectly with the whole plot.

Indeed fairytale dresses are what we are looking for when we choose our own gown. When we envision our wedding now, it’s “the dress” that often assumes a prominent position. The gown leads the processional of objects that comprise the wedding day, with flowers, photographs, and every detail.

That’s why I am pretty sure that most of the girls has pictured herself with the dress of her dreams since very early age – and probably the style that she would choose once married hasn’t changed that much since then!

Courtesy of image: Krikor Jabotian

The wedding gown symbolizes beauty, elegance, purity, grace, preciousness and – above all – should fit your personality and style. You need something exclusive, with exquisite textiles, detailed embroideries and a special personalized touch.

If you want to feel like a real princess – you should have a look at the gorgeous and creative gowns created by the Lebanese designer Krikor Jabotian. His fresh and particular style communicates something unique, where his imagination and vibrant creativity meets a superior level of sophistication and magnificence.

Krikor latest collection, named after the Turkish island of Akhtamar and the old Armenian legend that surrounds it (a romantic love story between a princess and a commoner swimming to the island every night to meet her guided by a light coming from her room), shows snaky gold embroidery and fanciful silhouettes with a dark fairy-tale quality.

Courtesy of image: Krikor Jabotian

Courtesy of image: Krikor Jabotian

Courtesy of image: Krikor Jabotian

Courtesy of image: Krikor Jabotian

Courtesy of image: Krikor Jabotian

Courtesy of image: Swooned magazine ( designer Krikor Jabotian )

Courtesy of image: Swooned magazine ( designer Krikor Jabotian )

Courtesy of image: Swooned magazine ( designer Krikor Jabotian )

Courtesy of image: Swooned magazine ( designer Krikor Jabotian )

Elegance and grace are the key words that always should describe a wedding gown.

Whatever type of dress you will go for – always remember that should reflect your dreams and soul, that has to be personal ( so maybe you should use some fabric that has a special meaning for you..)  and that, no matter what your wedding idea comes from, but the magnificence of your wedding will run around what you will be wearing.

Get inspired by those fairytale dresses and play for your most wanted love story!


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Australian wedding inspiration in Italy

Today we want to talk about a beautiful couple, lovely friends, dear folks that Eva of Chicweddingsinitaly, had the chance to meet through the work of Chicweddings ( and it it not always easy to meet such hearted clients who later become friends) …. Anna Vitali & Dion Rivkin love celebration was beyond doubt one of our favorite weddings to organize last summer. The southern Italian atmosphere, the lovely bride and groom, the red earth standing out under ancients olive trees, the local hospitality, the stunning location, the small things that make our Italia such an incredible and unique country, the beauty of Anna and the cheekiness of Dion…. all of this made truly gorgeous and special this wedding.

Anna and Dion have invited 115 guests, 80 coming directly from Australia matching this special occasion with a good holiday and unforgettable moments.

The wedding took place at Borgo Egnazia, a luxury complex that recalls the southern “masseria” look. Anna and Dion chose this location because their love for the sea, the links with some friends from Apulia region and the fact that they just wanted something different than ” Tuscany”.

On the night before the wedding we have organised a reharsal dinner: informal, authentic, made of genuine ingredients, with a humble grace that reflects our roots as well as an inner beauty made of the simplicity of the everyday things.

The dinner took place in a big square at Borgo Egnazia surrounded by white stones under the good light of the stars. Few food stands were displaying fresh foods and handmade plates, the décor was made of fruits and vegetables, and the color palette choose by the bride was the white – matching with the location tonality.

Under the beautiful light of the sunset, in the middle of ancient olive groves spotting on red colored earth, below a lovely chuppah, you could find the charming celebration of Anna and Dion love. The white stone buildings and the coastline overview made this location even more special. Dion Rivkin, opted for a navy blue suit, while Anna Vitali looked timeless in a fitted white lace dress designed by Steven Khalil. The true feelings of their union, together with the beauty of the location and a simple decorative touch – made up the unicity of this part of the wedding.

Then reception took place at Cala Masciola, a private beach club in Borgo Egnazia. A full white décor theme kept a very elegant look. The guests received small bottles of prickly pear cactus liqueur as wedding favors and after all the beautiful speeches, the performance of  few friends/artists ( among those her beautiful dancer and actrice Bree Roberston)  and some amazing food – the night ended up with everyone dancing under the stars, cuddled by the fresh Mediterranean breeze, until the sun came up.

Love is made of small everyday details, a meaningful touch can make always a big difference – that’s what we love to do – to put meaning on every single detail of your wedding.

All images copyright by Lisa Poggi.

Styling, coordinator, planning: Chicweddingsinitaly

Video: Origami Videography. Follow here for the video of Anna and Dion

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One color wedding Inspiration

Helloo Spring!!! Since few weeks our Primavera has shown her presence by painting the italian landscape with uncountable happy blossoms and their incredible colors..

Courtesy of image: I.Anton

Colors are what set up our mood and that’s why choosing the right one at your wedding is an essential and significant step. To combine them or to stick on one is always the first choice to make.. and today I would focus on just “single color” events inspiration.

Courtesy of image:  madameshoushou

Courtesy of image: the lane

Courtesy of image: Kristian Shuller

One color happenings are more and more in vogue around the world. The reason can be searched on the great visual impact and feeling that they provide. Having just a predominant color gives an exquisite result because doesn’t distract the eye and the whole picture looks very authentic and striking – especially on photos.

Courtesy of image: Diner en blanc SYD

Courtesy of image: the knot

Courtesy of image: hitched magazine

So which one should you choose? It’s hard to stick on one when there are so many beautiful shades around us. Your color arrangement for the wedding has the power to set the vibe – so select it wisely.

Courtesy of image: 500px

First you have to consider the color “psychology” and the meaning of them. Your choice tends to be a subconscious reflection of your personality and an indication of how you imagine your future marriage will be.. Here some symbology color per color (I just focused on the positive meanings since you are choosing the color for a positive aim):

White: pureness, perfection

Black: power, elegance, security, importance

Blue: harmony, confidence, fidelity, peace

Violet: extravagant,

Green: nature, fertility, sensuality, tranquility

Red: passion, love, fire, life

Yellow: optimism, sensual love, light

Rose: delicate, eroticism, dream

Golden: happiness, beauty, sun/lion, luxury, divinity

Grey: secret

Courtesy of image: Tamara Lichtenstein

Second, before deciding about the color of your wedding, its important keep an open mind until you’ve chosen the venue; in fact the location may suggest the right one for you. Have a look at the colors used in your venue’s walls, carpeting, drapery and decorations. If the site has strong colors, you’ll need to select a color that complements. If you already have your heart set on a certain one, you may need to select a more neutrally decorated site but this needs to be sorted out very early on or you may miss out on a good location!

Courtesy of image: La rosa canina Firenze

Courtesy of image: forever wendys

Courtesy of image: vestidos lindos atelier

Courtesy of image: Cristina McCutcheon

Third, at the same time you have to consider which blossoms you will be using and in which season the marriage will take place. Decorating is simple when Mother Nature is your guide, so let the natural colors of the season be your inspiration. My point here is not to stick on seasonal tonalities; but to make sure that the wedding colors you choose complement the blooms and foliage that are naturally available during that time of year.

Courtesy of image: valleyandcoblog

Courtesy of image: naima barcelona

Then once you have considered those main points – you can spin around between reality and dream with the décor, the details, the lighting, the entertainment, the dressing code.. think about having your wedding with all the guests dressing up on a specific color!

Courtesy of image: Chic weddings in Italy

Courtesy of image: Chic weddings in Italy

Courtesy of image: Megan Gilger

Courtesy of image: Tommaso Torrini

Creativity is limitless and once you have make your choice you will be surprised on how just one color can make the difference and set the mood, the beauty and the unforgettable moments of you day.

Courtesy of image: diner en blanc nyc

Courtesy of image: diner en blanc singapore

Courtesy of image: Diner en Blanc

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Ascia AKF Turban Style Inspiration

Lately we’ve got inspired by the style of the Kuwaiti model and fashion designer Ascia Al-Faraj – the girl that started that Turban Hijab style! Al-Faraj’s great taste in fashion was completely self-taught with a major influence of Islamic Malaysian fashion, which led her into starting her innovative turban trend.

Courtesy of image: Ascia AKF

Courtesy of image: marimekko

Those head ware based on cloth winding – traditionally used by men – were worn even before Islam and signified a man’s honor. Indeed, the turban has come a long way from being a man’s headpiece to becoming an essential part of a lady’s head accessory. It was extremely popular in the early 40′s to the 80′s, when actresses that many idolized are seen wearing them.

I personally see this solution as a creative and elegant option for your wedding attire, everyday style, themed event.. or, if your background is from an Islamic cultural influence – a cutting-edge and  gorgeous alternative for your veil as Ascia AFK has proved.

Courtesy of image: Fatima Luisera

Courtesy of image: Ascia AKF

Courtesy of image: Ascia AKF

Ascia’s creative and unique designs – together with her confidence and good taste – quickly drove people to start wearing the veil as turban like her.  The result is a new trend that makes feel more unique, innovative and stylish.

Here you can find some images with the aim of inspire your attire in any occasion. Some of the following options are very creative and more “ornamental”, providing also relevance to your hair.  So.. why not considering them – they can be a very unusual and stylish option that you can wear every day to stand off from the crowd.

Courtesy of image: Ascia AKF

Courtesy of image: Ascia AKF

Courtesy of image:

Courtesy of image: la la la bonne vie

Courtesy of image: Ascia AKF

Courtsy of image: Ascia AKF

Courtesy of image: Hashtag Hijab

I would even suggest to Ascia to start a bridal line with lace, silk, or any beautiful material; maybe adding some precious stones.. I’m picturing a bride with it right now – oh yes – she would look marvelous on it.

Courtesy of image: style me pretty

Courtesy of image: Ascia AKF



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Table cloth ideas

When it comes to focus on wedding details – choosing your tablecloth is not the easiest task. There are plenty of options, material and combinations to choose from. Here you’ll find a  quick step by step guide on how to choose your wedding linen.

Courtesy of image: Confetti day dreams

Courtesy of image: all things shabby and beautiful

Courtesy of image:

Courtesy of image: jadorable home

Courtesy of image: vintage-home

First, you need to choose which material your textile will be: lace, cotton with perls, burlap, paiettes, silk.. Any material has its own pro and cons. I would say not to use a too delicate material that get stained easily, or to avoid textiles that can broke or get damaged easily on the set up. Anyways its your wedding and precious textiles should be used. Just bear in mind to order few extra linens just in case something happens.

Courtesy of image: followpics

Courtesy of image: flower wild

Courtesy of image: Sara Ozer

Courtesy of image: couleur nature

Second, after the material you need to choose the color. That depends on your wedding theme and on the color palette you have choosed for your decorations. Normally the linen goes white, so the decorative details can stand out; but any color, if matched properly with the decorative items, can be a great choice.

Courtesy of image: bride and joy

Courtesy of image: green wedding shoes

Courtesy of image: wedding wire

Courtesy of image: Sweaty Betty pr

Third, you need to decide if your linen will have a pattern or will be “plain”. I personally see that lace or croquet tablecloth are so lovely – maybe not just for the material, but also because they have a pattern. Here I’ve find some options that are handmade and can be reproduced in different colors. I think that choosing a pattern can give personality and embellishment to your wedding table. Just try different combinations with colors, pattern, flowers and decor – its always better to be original and try something new!

Courtesy of image: lisa fine textiles

Courtesy of image: lisa fine textiles

Courtesy of image: lisa fine textiles

Courtesy of image: lisa fine textiles

Courtesy of image: the Lane

Last, if you already have beautiful tables you can opt for just a nice runner or placemat. I love the contrast and it looks more authentic. This is a good idea if you want to give relevance to an old table or just if you find a stunning runner. Any small choice can add that special touch you are looking for  in your wedding table. So play with it and find what better reflects your style!

Courtesy of image: wedding chicks

Courtesy of image: green wedding shoes

Courtesy of image: etsy

Courtesy of image: style me pretty

Courtesy of image: style me pretty

Courtesy of image: style unveiled

Courtesy of image: Flickr

Courtesy of image: mounaluchibridal

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Gay weddings traditions?

Gay weddings.. the question here is “what is different?”, “what should be the etiquette or the steps that you are supposed to follow?”. The tradition doesn’t really has a chapter dedicated to specific rules to go after when planning a gay wedding, that’s why they can turn into something very creative and exciting!

Courtesy of image: philosophy of flowers

Courtesy of image: tumblr

Courtesy of image: etsy

While many gay couples want to maintain some of the traditions they’re used to see at straight weddings, it’s often hard to translate things that are designed for opposite-sex couples to two people of the same sex. In fact – this is a great opportunity to truly set an original wedding that reflects your culture and style. The good news is that you can choose to follow some traditional steps and be extravagant by changing small details without running into problems of etiquette, like having a special joining ritual, a parade that truly sets off emotions, a combined processional and some creative surprising performances..

Additionally gay weddings are getting more and more legalized and recognized by the society – which is a great advantage when looking for a celebrant, legalization papers, personalized decoration items..

Courtesy of image: jeff lovotti

In spite of this, some couples are struggling with what traditions to keep and what to ditch when planning their own wedding. Let’s start by examining some of them.


Courtesy of image: photography.1000images

The first dilemma usually is: what should we wear? Without any doubt, a same–sex weddings is a great opportunity to break away from traditional wedding apparel. Some couples prefer traditional clothing, and others prefer to have a theme. Choose what you’ve always dreamed to wear, what better reflects your style and makes you feel at your bests.

Courtesy of image: cddress

Courtesy of image: offbeat bride

Courtesy of image: steph grant photography

On the last few years it became a gay wedding ritual to great the guests with sparkling wine and cocktails before the wedding ceremony. This can last for 5-30 minutes before the ceremony begins and sets the tone of something a little bit different but definitely celebratory and fun.

Courtesy of image: saved by the southern belle

Courtesy of image: equally wed

Your ceremony itself is a binding ritual so make it truly personal. Start with the basic outline of a traditional wedding and personalize it from there:  a pretty and theatrical combined entrance, readings/joining rituals, the final kiss..

Courtesy of image: apollinas

Who should go first depends on you, you can choose to walk with your father or why not – both parents. The tradition wants the groom waiting for the bride at the altar.. so you can either decide to choose your role or play with the logistic of the entrance in different ways. You can get into the alley from parallel aisles, simply and beautifully together, or walking in from the side aisles at the same time toward the centre of the alley – then, walk together to the altar holding hands… Just keep in mind to have a photographer assistant if you choose to walk separately!


Courtesy of image: Steph Grant photography

Courtesy of image: steph grant photography

Courtesy of image: tres sugar

Another detail to consider is your wedding party: traditionally, the maid of honor and best man are “witnesses” — they sign the legal marriage document, along with you two and your celebrant. So, if you want your closest friends at your side during the ceremony just ask them!

Courtesy of image: The lane

Then there are other straight traditions like ring exchange, toasts, first dance, father-daughter dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss, the rule of don’t see you partner before the wedding and don’t sleep together the night before etc. These rules can be interpreted and personalized any way you want – it’s your wedding and your expression of your relationship.

I wouldn’t miss at all some of them, like to have touching toasts, the first dance between you two with some creative musical choice ( maybe involving your closest friends to help out with this performance) , the tradition of stay away the night before..

My personal advice is just choose some to follow and make it fun and personal by adding some fun and interactive elements like photo booth, fun couple activities, some dance performance, caricature artist etc..

Courtesy of image: offbeat bride

Courtesy of image: wedding pride ny

Courtesy of image: Timi Garcia

Courtesy of image: loubis and champagne

The only true limits are your imagination and personal taste. Be yourselves, and follow your heart on each step of this new love story.

Courtesy of image: adorably gay

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